Will the Ketogenic Diet Breast Cancer Patients Avoid?

ketogenic diet breast cancer

Will the Ketogenic Diet Breast Cancer Patients Avoid?

A new study has found that the ketogenic diet has an effect on breast cancer cells, and the effect is quite startling. A team of researchers at the University Of California-Davis Medical Center have discovered that the ketogenic diet will indeed reduce a tumor in a woman’s breast. It will do so without causing harm to normal tissue or the nearby lymph nodes. This is an extremely exciting development since the traditional medical approach to treating breast cancer involves toxic chemotherapy that does not do anything to attack the tumor from the inside.

The scientists chose ten women with advanced breast cancer who had no successful responses to standard treatments and decided to begin a Ketogenic Diet Trial. After seven weeks on the keto diet, the women with the earliest stage of cancer had a remarkable improvement, the prior tumor was basically gone and no residual tissue was left behind. The overall response was very positive and impressive. The results were reported recently in the journal Women’s Health, in an article entitled ” Ketogenic Diet Response to Chemotherapy in Breast Cancer,” by Amber Haworth and Gillian Lynch.

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In order to evaluate the overall effects of the ketogenic diet, three different groups of women were given the same amount of chemotherapy and radiation, and at one month intervals. At six and twelve months, the success rates for the chemotherapy group improved drastically, while it remained the same for the control group. The authors concluded that the changes were due to the use of apple cider vinegar as a supplement. The subjects who used the vinegar had a significant improvement in their overall response to the treatment. The acid in the vinegar was found to increase the uptake of glucose into the cells, which allowed them to respond more quickly to the chemotherapy and radiation. The patients also noticed a marked improvement in their skin and their overall body function.

One of the more interesting benefits of using the ketogenic diet breast cancer treatment was the loss of water weight. The women who used the apple cider vinegar supplements lost the most weight. It was found that the acid from the treatment acted to reduce adiponectin, a hormone that carries fat within the cells. This means that reducing the amount of fat in the cells may be one of the best weight loss strategies that you can make use of. The combination of using the treatment and a high-fiber, low-calorie diet is likely to be the most effective way to lose weight when you have developed an advanced stage of cancer.

Because of its high water content, the keto diet watermelon benefit is also well known. The women who used the vinegar with the treatment lost twice the weight as those who did not. The other benefit was seen in the loss of body fat. Women in the treatment group lost an average of seven pounds after four weeks. That is the equivalent of losing three dress sizes in just four weeks!

One of the reasons why the keto diet watermelon and william shalweide tea weight loss pill are so popular is the ease of use. Anyone can follow these easy-to-follow guidelines. All that it takes is a short time each day to start seeing the desired results. When you are ready to make the changes to your lifestyle, all you have to do is keep a journal to see how your weight loss goes along with the other changes that you make.

Many people who have made the switch to eating foods rich in the ketogenic diet have been able to find the best weight loss workout around. These foods give you plenty of energy and the metabolism boost you need to lose the unwanted pounds. You’ll have to begin making healthier choices if you want to be successful with your plan, though.

Some of the foods you’ll have to eliminate from your diet are alcohol, caffeine, white sugar, high fructose corn syrup, artificial sweeteners, honey, raisins, and anything containing flour or yeast. This includes the Atkins diet pills. But, after eliminating those foods, you can add foods that contain more nutrients, like soy and green tea. These two supplements have been known to have a powerful effect on weight loss. If you’re not using one, now is the time to get started!

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