What Is a Ketogenic Diet for Lipedema?

ketogenic diet lipedema

What Is a Ketogenic Diet for Lipedema?

What is Ketogenic Diet? First what is Ketosis? A state of extreme cellular dehydration, ketosis is a condition where the body cannot efficiently use glucose as fuel. The kidneys, pancreas, liver and most other organs are deprived of glycogen, leading to a rapid rise in blood glucose levels.

So, what is ketogenic diet, how can it treat lipedema? Well, what we have discussed so far explains why the ketogenic diet works best for treating this disease. In fact there are various different kinds of diet plans that are suitable for patients suffering from this condition. So, lets see what diet is most suitable for them. Following are the four most common ketogenic diet plans for lipedema.

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The first one is High Protein Diet Plan. It works best for patients with mild lipedema. It works because the main cause of lipedema is high level of glucose in the blood stream which can cause high levels of protein accumulation in the body. The key to this diet plan is to avoid high protein foods. Some examples of high protein foods are beef, turkey, tuna fish etc. You may also avoid trans fat and cholesterol.

The second diet plan is Low Fat Diet Plan. It works better for those who have higher level of glucose in their blood stream. Because of this any food rich in carbohydrate is automatically deposited in the fat cells instead of the muscle cells. The aim of this diet plan is to reduce the level of sugar in the blood stream. As we know, sugar is converted into glucose and used as energy source by the cells.

Third diet plan is Glycemic Index Diet Plan. This diet is based on the Glycemic Index, a system which ranks the foods according to their effects on the blood sugar level of the person taking it. A high index means that it will take longer time to break down and will result in high spikes in the blood sugar level.

Fourth diet plan is The Phosphorous Complex Diet. This diet plan combines two different types of diets. It combines the Glycemic Index Diet Plan along with the Phosphorus Complex which works by stimulating the release of insulin and glucose into the cells.

Fifth diet is the Raw Food Diet. It works by providing raw foods to the patients with lipedema. The raw foods should be uncooked, they could also be raw vegetable. The Raw Food Diet also contains the minerals, vitamins and nutrients that are important to a healthy living. This diet should only be done under the supervision of your doctor.

Lastly, there is the South Beach Diet. This is a high-quality diabetic diet plan for those with lipedema. It is a relatively simple low-carb diet plan. This ketogenic diet has a good success rate for people with lipedema and you can try it out if you want to.

This article will help you get started on your lipedema diet. Please bear in mind that your diet should be as natural as possible. Avoid processed or artificial foods whenever possible. And try to eat more protein in your diet plan. Protein is a very important part of any diet plan especially in cases like lipedema.

Be careful when choosing the food to eat every day. Always make sure that the selected diet plan is safe for your particular disease. There is no right or wrong type of diet plan. You just need to make sure that what you are taking in will help you to improve your condition.

Your selected diet plan must contain all the necessary vitamins and minerals for you to get through your daily activities. If you have any other medical condition, please consult your physician first before starting on any diet plan. Lipedema can sometimes occur due to certain medications. So it’s better to ask your doctor before starting any diet plan.

So if you are suffering from any lipedema, don’t worry. Just stick with your chosen diet plan. It is surely going to help you a lot. Besides, this is a free diet and everyone is welcome to try it.

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