What is a Keto Diet NZ? Reviewing New Zealand’s First Fast Fat Loss Diet

Keto Diet

A lot of people are wondering what is a keto diet NZ? The short answer is that it is a diet which is high in fat but very low in carbohydrate. This is usually done by restricting the amount of carbohydrates one eats and replacing them with healthy fats such as those found in fish oil and avocado. While this does mean that the diet is high in fat, it is also high in protein and therefore healthy and is therefore considered to be a healthy diet.

what is a keto diet nz

You might be asking yourself why you should even bother going on a diet if it means missing out on food, especially in a place like New Zealand where there is plenty of fresh produce and meat available. Well there are two big reasons. Firstly the cost of getting into a diet is much lower than the cost of buying expensive food in local stores which makes it ideal for people on tight budgets.

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Secondly, it allows you to eat more variety in your food which is always good for people who can’t seem to find anything alike every day. So, whether you choose to go on the diet once a week or once a fortnight you can still be sure that you will have a wide variety of foods to offer your family and yourself. This is great for keeping fit and having fun at the same time. There are many recipes available for these types of diets, which is a bonus as most recipes for diets will not allow you to include certain things such as potatoes and pasta.

One of the benefits of a keto diet is the ability to stick to it. Usually, once a month you will be able to find something you like to make it into a cheat day which means that you won’t have to completely change your eating habits overnight. However, if you do try to cut calories too much then you could find that you feel deprived. In this case you will find that the only way to combat this deprivation is by eating more often. You might find that keto diet NZ makes this easier because the rules are simpler and you don’t have to count calories.

Another benefit is that you won’t get bored with the different flavours of food that you can have on the diet. You can have fruit, vegetables, fish and bread. You will also be allowed to have wine and beer which used to be an impossibility when you were on a regular diet. The good thing is that most of the rules are pretty flexible so even if you can’t follow them all you will be able to have one option.

One of the downsides to the diet is that you will usually have to give up certain unhealthy foods which includes most forms of meat. However, there are substitutes such as tofu and soy sauce which can make up for that. Also you will find that you will have to give up several foods you may be loving but such as chocolate, ice cream, and cheese. As mentioned before there are ways to cheat and you can eat as much as you want once you have reached your goal.

As you progress you will gain back your weight that you lost in the first part of the diet and you may be able to keep it off. The only catch is that you may not be able to eat as much as before without gaining back some of the weight. If you are still not happy with how your body looks then you should stop immediately. It’s better to get used to the new way of eating than continue to struggle and feel unhappy. Also if you feel fine after you have eaten a few small meals then that means you probably went too far.

Overall the what is a keto diet NZ review can be very encouraging because even if it won’t work for everyone it has many positive benefits. The main concern people had before trying the diet was they weren’t able to keep to the diet. It’s important to be realistic about your abilities to lose weight and make sure you don’t overdo it. Also remember that if after a week you feel nothing has changed then reduce the amount you’re eating but don’t go back to eating the way you used to. A small change such as this can have a big impact on your weight loss.

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