The FASTEST Way to Stop a Panic Attack – Dr. Berg

The FASTEST Way to Stop a Panic Attack - Dr. Berg

Watch this quick video to learn a simple technique to help pull you out of a panic attack.

0:00 Introduction: The fastest way to stop a panic attack
0:18 Panic attack symptoms
1:20 The Bohr effect
3:29 What causes respiratory alkalosis?
4:29 How to control your breathing during a panic attack
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In this video, we’re going to talk about the fastest way to stop a panic attack.

The symptoms of a panic attack include:
• Hyperventilation
• Sweating
• Dizziness
• Palpitations
• Lump in throat
• High pulse rate
• Heart pounding
• Chest pain

These symptoms are identical to those of another condition called respiratory alkalosis. Respiratory alkalosis is when your lungs are too alkaline.

For oxygen to bind and be released into the blood, you need Co2. When there’s too much oxygen or not enough Co2, your body will begin to starve of oxygen. This is known as the Bohr effect.

80% of oxygen is returned to the lungs undelivered.

As a result of the Bohr effect, when you have a panic attack, you flood your lungs with too much oxygen and start to suffocate and experience more air hunger.

Too much oxygen is not only a side effect of panic attacks, but it’s also the cause of respiratory alkalosis. This is why the symptoms are identical.

The best way to manage a panic attack is to control your breathing.

Here’s how to control your breathing during a panic attack:
1. Breath through your nose
2. Slow down your breathing by counting 3-4 seconds in and 3-4 seconds out
3. Breath with your diaphragm rather than your chest
4. Take soft and gentle breaths
5. Go outside to give yourself more space

Give these panic attack tips a try, and let me know how they work for you in the comments below.


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Thanks for watching. I hope this helped explain the fastest way to stop a panic attack. I’ll see you in the next video.

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