The Benefits of Pau d’Arco

Dandelion root

The Benefits of Pau D’Arco and Dandelion Root


The benefits of Pau dArco are known by both Indian and western medical practitioners.Dandelion root and red clover are two of the most useful herbs when it comes to natural weight loss supplements. Dandelion root is used to treat such problems as anemia, nausea, constipation, heartburn, gas, excessive sweating, insomnia and much more. Red clover on the other hand is used for a wide range of conditions like arthritis, infertility, inflammation, and kidney failure to name a few.

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The benefits of Pau d’Arco (root and clover) come from their ability to improve the function of the immune system. A strong immune system is necessary in order to fight off infections, bacteria, and germs. When the body cannot fight these external agents, it can easily succumb to illness and disease. The nutrients in Pau d’Arco prevent this from happening by improving the function of the immune system and making it stronger.

The second benefit of Pau d’Arco is its ability to act as a powerful detoxifying agent. The Dandelion roots and clover have been proven to remove toxins from the bloodstream. They also act as a natural laxative and stimulate bowel elimination. Antioxidants present in a d’arco also boost the immune system by fighting off free radicals that cause diseases and aging.

The Benefits of Pau d’Arco and Dandelion root and clover are further strengthened by the presence of Vitamins A, B & C. These vitamins are essential in the process of cell regeneration, tissue repair and DNA synthesis.

Together they work as a team to fight off cancer cells and prevent serious diseases such as cardiovascular disease and diabetes. They also improve overall circulation, alleviate headaches, ease muscle pain, remove intestinal plaque, and regulate blood sugar levels. Vitamin A is an essential element in the production of collagen, the building blocks of skin and hair. Without collagen and the other essential skin proteins, the skin cannot be properly rejuvenated and looks dull.

The third benefit of Pau d’Arco and Dandelion root and clover is that they are effective in increasing energy levels. Energy plays an important role in our day-to-day activities. We need it to get through the day and feel good about ourselves. This is why drinking Pau d’Arco or taking supplements of the two herbs is a great way to boost your energy levels.The Benefits of Pau dArco

The Benefits of Pau d’Arco and Dandelion root and clover do not stop at energy. They support seasonal wellness. Seasonal wellness refers to health issues that tend to affect healthy people throughout the year. Some of these include allergies, eczema, colds, and flu, osteoporosis, rheumatoid arthritis, and osteoarthritis. The herbs that make up pau d’arco and dandelion root support these health issues on the whole as well as providing nourishment and vitamins to the body and skin.

The Benefits of Pau d’Arco and Dandelion root and clover help support your health and well-being during the winter months. During the wintertime, our bodies convert to store more carbohydrates than they do during the summer months. Our kidneys and liver do not have the tools that they need to remove excess glucose from our bloodstream and turn it into energy. Instead, they work overtime to remove glucose from the bloodstream and use free radicals to attack and break down cells that remain within our body.

The therapeutic liquid extract and pau d’arco root and clover provide antioxidants that protect our immune systems from excessive free radical activity and contribute to optimal health. In order to achieve maximum potential benefits, you should take two droppers of this herbal mixture each day. You can add a pinch of the extract to a glass of water or to a hot cup of tea or cocoa. You will experience both the medicinal benefits and the antioxidant properties that are contained in the extract.

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