Keto Diet Meal Plan – How to Create a Ketogenic Diet Meal Plan That Fits Your Needs

ketogenic diet meal plan

Keto Diet Meal Plan – How to Create a Ketogenic Diet Meal Plan That Fits Your Needs

A lot of the diet plans out there will lead you to believe that you can eat a lot of whatever you want once you go on a ketogenic diet. This is not really the case, however. Although this diet does allow you to eat your favorite foods, you do need to calculate how many calories you are consuming so you know what amount to count as “net carbs”. This is simply the calories less than you eat – not the total amount you consume.

You might think that a ketogenic diet meal plan for lunch would be just like any other lunch meal. After all, most people have cheese, fruit, salad, and wraps for lunch. If you are on a diet, though, you need to be aware of how many calories you are actually taking in as well. This can make a big difference when it comes to choosing the right plan.

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Most people who try to lose weight or manage their diabetes eat a lot of salad. It seems that most nutritionists and dietitians agree that you should include at least one salad each day. If you do not enjoy a salad, though, then there are plenty of other recipes that include other fruits, vegetables, and low-fat dairy products. Here are some ideas for typical lunch meals that can still be counted as keto-friendly:

If chicken is your thing, then make sure you limit your intake of red meats. Pork, beef, and fish should also be consumed in small quantities, as should a small number of other seafood. Chicken breasts can be a good choice, as long as they are not too puffy; if you eat them too often, they can end up being too fatty. As long as the skin and fat are intact, you can count this as one of your ketogenic diet meals.

In addition to chicken breasts, make sure you consume some dairy products, such as yogurt and cottage cheese. Even low-fat or skim milk can have lots of empty calories. In fact, it may be more important for you to use low-fat or skim milk in your recipes than in your dairy section of your regular grocery store’s food selection. Some dietitians advise against using a lot of dairy in the diet, because of the high fat content, but if you feel that you cannot eat dairy products without compromising your weight loss plans, then by all means do so!

Snacks are an important part of any ketogenic diet, whether it calls for a vegetarian or vegan diet. If you take a lot of snacking during the day, then count your daily calories and divide those between snacking and other daily activities. If you eat a lot of snacking per day, then count your carbohydrates per serving. Some nutritionists say that you should aim for about 1 gram of carbohydrates per serving, which should be a higher amount than you might take in with each meal.

When you have finished your main meal, then you are free to eat fruits and vegetables that you prefer. Keep in mind that while fruits and vegetables are great, they do contain some sugar. Anytime you can get sugar substitutes instead, such as fruit juice or a dessert made with apples, you are better off. Also, since the carbohydrates in vegetables and fruits are quickly metabolized, eating them too often will lead to weight gain.

Finally, remember that you can still eat snacks during the day. Nuts are good for you, but be careful about how much you eat, as they can have a high fat content. However, nuts can also provide you with many vitamins, as well as protein, fiber, and many other benefits. You should consider taking almonds and walnuts for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Of course, you can eat a variety of other healthy keto-friendly foods as well, such as low-fat yogurt, leafy green vegetables, lean meats, and fruit.

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