Is a Ketostix Meal Replacement Diet Dangerous?

Ketostix Meal

You’ve seen diet plans in television before and diet programs on the television are mostly diet plan KETO vegetarian. That is a mouthful right there! Let me give you a brief overview of what is exactly meant by “diet plan Keto.” Basically it means ” Ketogenic diet” or more precisely “Lipid Ketones Diet”. You’ll also hear “keto meals” and “diet meals” throughout the broadcast.

Diet Keto Vegetarian

So what is this thing called a “Ketogenic Diet”? It is simply a diet where the dieter maintains the body’s normal metabolic rate by increasing his fat intake, thereby reducing the amount of carbohydrates in his diet. In short, our body is burning fat to fuel our energy needs and we are doing this primarily with carbohydrates. The person on a Keto Diet is reducing his carb intake, in effect turning his diet into a low carbohydrate diet. No one would ever stand up and protest at such a bold statement, except say that they don’t have any expert knowledge, nor could they point out whose instructors in this field are, except that they know that some people have a problem with this method.

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That is where the Keto meal replacement shakes come into play. Some people believe that these should only be used as a last resort for people who are severely obese, diabetic or have kidney disease, which prevent them from taking regular food that has carbs. That is a bunch of nonsense and should NOT be used in any circumstance as a primary or secondary means to lose weight. If you can’t lose weight by cutting your carbs, then you are going to have to add some type of filler, protein or calories to compensate for the lack of carbs in your diet.

There is NO scientific evidence that any of these things really work, although some people claim they do. In fact, the concept of a “Ketogenic Diet” was devised by a nutritionist named Brad Pilon, who claims that the human body cannot function without ketones (an organic, healthy substance produced when the liver breaks down carbohydrates). In a nutshell, ketosis is the state of a person who has not reached starvation mode, and is using proteins as their only source of energy. It is a state that some athletes are in while training, and may have had success with a “Ketogenic Diet”, although there are NO studies to support this. Anyone who tells you that a low carbohydrate diet can help you lose weight is most likely pulling your leg, or telling you something that isn’t true! If someone is THAT qualified to tell you this, they are probably paid to do so, because it makes them money, and that’s why they aren’t in the real medical field.

So how does a Ketogenic Diet work? The most popular way to describe a Ketogenic Diet is one that is very “low carb”. A typical meal for a Ketogenic Dieter will be a “gu Lang fruit” meal, which contains gu lang (which translates to horsehead in Cantonese) and a boiled egg, which is the main ingredient in the Gu Lang fruit meal. These meals are a very popular weight loss juice cleanse fast, and can provide a huge boost to your weight loss efforts!

But just how can a meal from a Gu Lang fruit or any other “gu lang” vegetable make a difference in your weight loss efforts? This is where the amazing benefits of a Ketogenic Diet come into play! When you eat the meal that contains lemak sehat (the main ingredient in Gu Lang), the lemak contains a lot of carbohydrates, but little fat and protein. Therefore, if you combine eating these main sources of carbohydrates with eating a large amount of water, then you will be able to lose a lot of weight extremely quickly, in the shortest period of time. But it is important to note, that this kind of weight loss is not sustainable, and you will need to maintain your newfound weight by eating even more of these “frugal” meals, and drinking even more water!

So why is a Ketogenic Diet Pills Dangerous? Well, there have been many claims that the Gu Lang and other Ketostix products contain dangerous amounts of caffeine, and other unhealthy chemicals. This is simply not true, and if the product says it is made from chinese herbs, then it is probably true. However, there is one main reason why these diet products are dangerous, and that is because caffeine and other ingredients such as ephedra can be extremely hazardous to your health. As well as being extremely unsafe, they can also cause some serious side effects.

I am not saying that the Gu Lang and other Ketostix products are bad, or even good for you. What I am saying is that you must think very carefully before choosing any Ketostix product for weight loss. Choose one that has the main ingredient from Chinese green tea, which is known to have a wide range of health benefits. A good meal replacement diet plan will give you a variety of different foods to munch on, and not just three meals a day, and one meal a night. A healthy, sensible diet must consist of a wide variety of different foods, and a Ketostix meal replacement supplement is no different, if it claims to be a “Ketostix for a Ketostix”, then it might be harmful for you.

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