Is a Ketogenic Diet Child Friendly?

For anyone who has ever tried to lose weight, you know about the benefits of the Ketogenic Diet. Children can benefit just as much from this type of diet as adults. However, there are still some things parents need to keep in mind. These guidelines will help you and your child develop a healthy relationship with the Ketogenic Diet. Your child can benefit greatly from the diet, and so can you.

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You should definitely begin your child’s involvement in the Ketogenic Diet by introducing them to it from their earliest days. Make sure that they have an interest in the foods that will be fed to them and the types of activities that they will participate in. They should see you every few weeks to make sure that the program is still being followed appropriately. By making it fun for them, you are making a great start to a healthy lifestyle. If you take the time to talk to your children about the diet, it will make it easier for you to get them to stay on the diet for the long-term.

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In order for your child to successfully follow the diet, you must be their friend. Treat your kid like you would treat your own child, with kindness, consideration, and respect. Kids can become very stubborn when someone tells them that they cannot eat something that they love. Let them know that you understand their feelings, but that the diet is not going to change their eating habits.

Keep in mind that you do not have to completely redesign your family meal times. You simply need to provide your children with more variety in the foods that they eat. Find ways to help your kids enjoy the food that they eat. Remember that it is not the amount of food that they eat, but the variety that makes a big difference in how they feel throughout the day.

It is important for children to take their time when deciding how much they want to eat. They may not realize that the plan they are following will cause them to feel uncomfortably full after three hours. Give them some time to get used to their new diet, so that they will not be suddenly overwhelmed by the amount of food that they are eating.

Plan meals around different activities during the day. Do not feed your children three hours before they go to school or work. Also, be sure that your child understands why you are changing their eating habits. Explain the benefits of the diet to them, and let them know that they will lose weight if they continue with the diet. If they are ready to make the changes, make it easy on them by offering “healthy choices” in place of the traditional fast food.

When your child does finally get on the diet, remember that they should be allowed to choose to eat what they want as long as they are allowed to bring some sweet treats along. Be sure to let your child know that you will still monitor their eating. This way you can catch them in the act of cheating, which is very difficult to catch. In addition, if they do seem to be getting better, reward them appropriately.

As a general rule, the longer children stay on a diet, the easier it will be for them to stick to the plan. Also, keep in mind that this diet is different from the one most children are used to. Find out what your child likes to eat while following the diet plan to ensure that they remain interested in eating vegetables, fruits, and meats.

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