A Few Simple Mistakes When Checking Out a Ketogenic Diet Food List

ketogenic diet food list

A Few Simple Mistakes When Checking Out a Ketogenic Diet Food List

What’s in your ketogenic diet food list? In general the ketogenic diet consists of a list of twelve or so foods or supplements which are low glycemic and very low calorie. In most cases you need to eat these foods for about six weeks in order to reap any nutritional benefit. The great thing about the ketogenic diet is it can also help you lose weight.

To be clear, I’m not discussing eating fruits and vegetables in this article. I’m referring to the types of food generally classified as keto foods – for instance, proteins, fats, starches, dairy and sugar cravings. Your keto diet food list should comprise a wide assortment of rich, fresh organic vegetables including broccoli, spinach, cauliflower, celery, carrots, beets, peas, parsnips, okra and other leafy greens, fruit like avocados, berries, citrus fruit and others, grains and nuts. You can get complete lists of good keto foods and supplements from various websites online.

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In many ways the ketogenic diet is like low calorie or low fat diet. But unlike the low-cal diet, which makes you feel hungry all the time, the ketogenic diet makes you feel satiated all the time. This is why the ketogenic diet food list for beginners should have lots of beans, root vegetables, lentils and other high-gositive vegetables. You can make “low carb” desserts with a little baking soda, no-sugar added agave nectar and a pinch of cayenne pepper. And don’t forget your protein – eggs, beef, chicken, fish and other lean meats.

If you read some books written on this diet, you will find that there are common mistakes made by beginners. The most common is not reading labels for ingredients in the food. For example, most books will advise you to avoid chocolate and soda when eating out, but in reality, these drinks contain very high levels of caffeine. Similarly, most ketogenic diet books tell you to steer clear of white flour and processed carbohydrates, but in reality, they contain lots of refined sugar.

If you want to avoid pitfalls when eating out, read the labels carefully and check the ingredients. Avoiding or removing high calories and fat from your list of foods is one way to start. You can experiment with substituting low calorie and fat free foods with fruits, vegetables and fish instead. When you are ready to experiment, you can add small amounts of those foods slowly to see if it works.

Other mistakes include substituting higher carb foods for lower carb foods and vice versa. While both fattier nuts and grains can be eaten, you have to watch out for excessive carbohydrates in your diet. Nuts are an excellent source of protein, but you have to watch out for too much or too little, especially in terms of peanuts. While a ketogenic diet list for nuts is not available, be aware that peanuts contain all sorts of unhealthy fats that can increase your cholesterol level.

Even though keto foods can help you lose weight, you still have to remember that it is still a diet. You still need to control your caloric intake and watch your portion sizes. Remember that any nutritional information provided should be interpreted according to a typical serving. So, if you look at 1 cup of lean organic milk, it would be accurate, but just imagine if you actually drank the whole cup! So, when considering ketogenic diet nutritional info, be cautious about over-consumption.

One final thing to keep in mind when looking over a ketone bodies ketogenic diet nutritional guide, always remember the “K” word. Ketones are considered a state of high ketone bodies. So, just because something calls itself a ketone body doesn’t necessarily mean that there will be significant amounts of ketones produced. If you’re going to take them seriously, you might want to find a supplement that has significant amounts of conjugated linoleic acid, carnitine, and other key amino acids.

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